2018 Bass Fishing Tournament

Congrats to the Following: 2019

Hourly 6-7 (Tie) Troy Carrell & Andrew Gritter 1.11

Hourly 7-8 Mark Fitzjerrell 4.15

Hourly 8-9 Troy Carrell 2.80

Hourly 9-10 Gary Whisenhunt 4.70

Hourly 10-11 Troy Carrell 6.03

Hourly 11-12 Ryan Raley 8.69

Largest Bass- Ryan Raley 8.69

1st Place Team- Troy Carrell/Joel Crawford 

2nd Place Team- Ryan Raley/Melissa Raley

3rd Place Team- Gary Whisenhunt/Darryl Judice

2019 Camp Creek Bass Fishing Tournament!!!

 2014 Fishing Tournament

2015 Bass Fishing Tournament!!

2016 Bass Fishing Tournament!!

Big thank you to all our participants and volunteers!

and we couldn't have done the event without

Randy and Kimm Knight

Also want to thank all of our raffle prize donors

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Nonnie's and Things              Magic Nails

Knuckleheads                        The Caubarreauxs

Mickey's Marine                     New Baden General Store

James and Libby Stone         Blue Moon BBQ

Bryan Marine                         Ryan and Melissa Raley

Duffey Drug                           Camp Creek Fishing Club

Ellison Marine                        Dominic Angonia