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2nd place

Ladies largest bass

3rd place

2018 Camp Creek Bass Fishing Tournament!!!

 2014 Fishing Tournament

Largest Bass

Big thank you to all our participants and volunteers!

and we couldn't have done the event without

Randy and Kimm Knight

Also want to thank all of our raffle prize donors

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Congrats to the Following: 2017

Hourly 6-7 Steven Thomas/Emalee Keesler 6.53

Hourly 7-8 Roger Brault/John Ben Strother 5.80

Hourly 8-9 J.R. Bravenec/Keith Bravenec 4.96

Hourly 9-10 Larry Patton/David Patton 5.31

Hourly 10-11 J.R. Bravenec/Keith Bravenec 7.56

Hourly 11-12 Jerry Reed/Mark Fitzgerald 6.54

Largest Bass J.R. Bravenec/Keith Bravenec 7.56

2nd Largest Bass Jerry Reed/Mark Fitzgerald 6.54

Most Fish by Team Troy Carrell/Joel Crawford 26.00

Ladies Biggest Bass Emalee Keesler 2.83

2015 Bass Fishing Tournament!!

2016 Bass Fishing Tournament!!

2017 Bass Fishing Tournament!!

Congrats to the Following: 2018

Hourly 6-7 Avery Smith, 3.82

Hourly 7-8 Jeff Gritter, 5.46

Hourly 8-9 **no catch**

Hourly 9-10 Kenny Bravenec, 5.15

Hourly 10-11 Jeffrey Trent, 6.09

Hourly 11-12 Jeff Gritter, 4.10

Largest Bass- Jeff Trent, 6.09

Ladies Biggest Bass- Sheri Williams, 3.30

1st Place Team- Jeff and Andrew Gritter, 10.46

2nd Place Team- Robert Walker and Neil Kennedy, 10.10

3rd Place Team- Keith and Kenny Bravenec, 9.00