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Any Interest in a Camp Creek Fishing Club?

Some possible things such a club can do:

  • Learn from the Fishing Committee what we can do to help fishing of all species.
  • Provide information to the Fishing Committee about fish which are being caught.
  • Some measuring tapes have been distributed with requested reports, but none have been returned to David Dixon.
  • Provide a means of more communication from the Fishing Committee on when volunteers are needed to help with projects such as putting out brush.
  • (The next distribution begins at 9 am on April 30 at the pavilion.)...

Spread the information on vandalism of the fish feeders and hopefully catch whoever is doing so.

  • Have some fun fishing contests such as catching channel catfish (or other species).
  • Get to know each other better. Maybe discussion would make us all better fishermen/women.

Members would probably have suggestions on activities that would benefit fishing and members.  We may meet or have activity every month or two.  Time and place to be determined from input by members.

If interested, contact either: Dan Poole, Lot #35,


Anne Perry, Lot #315, aperry315@gmail.com

(979) 828-4374

Grass Carp


Jerry Reid Lot #231

on artificial bait on a 12 pound test line.  Tried to weigh the scale read Error

Jim Callaway Lot #146

Weight 13.42 Pounds

Record Holder thus Far

June 25, 1995

Jason Perkins Lot #102

Weight 11.5 Pounds

April 2013