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Shear Country-Owner Kasey Stewart

  (979) 828-3154

Located across the street from City Hall in Franklin

Magic Nails-Daisy

  (979) 828-2960

Located at the corner of N. Hearne St. and Decherd


Blue Moon BBQ-Owned by Rick and Toni Moon

Hours: Wed. 11-4, Thurs.-Sat. 11-4       Sunday 11-5 

  (979) 549-4800

Located Beside "B-5" on the corner of OSR/Maycie Rd.

Please check the website which includes their menus, hours and other information.


Ask About Prime Rib Thursdays and their Hot Shot Saturdays


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If you are a lot owner and either wish to have your own business services listed or wish to give a reference for other business services for the benefit of other lot owners please email me.  -Cindy Caubarreaux

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